Sunday, February 6, 2011


Is it possible to feel springfever already! I'm not sure of that.... Most people is full of energi..cheerful and frisky. I want to be all that ...but....some of us is a different kind. ......TIRED....JASP!
Well.....I train three-four evenings a Sounds fun...or?
So how is my work in the studio progressing? Answer....not a lot!

But if you not sew you can in all cases make plans.....
Lena Linderholm is an artist who use wonderful, bright colors that makes me feel happy when I see it.
Less tired!
I have some of her work at home. Lovely colors and a rather naiv impression that I appreciate.
A smell of Provence.....I have some French fabrics in a drawer....maybe another quilt to be done?

Well....I have three quilts to finish. My last one....baskets and coltsfoots ( Tussilago, farfara) is finished to quilt. I just have to figure out how? ....some thinking to do!

                                     FINALLY........I want to say WELCOME! to all new followers.
                                            I'm so happy that you find my blogg worth following!

                                                                    MARGRETH :)


  1. Such beautiful colors! I love the quilt with the red baskets.

  2. I can't wait to see these finished and as a whole! They look awesome - especially the one with embroidery.