Sunday, March 20, 2016

While waiting for spring!

Snow falls in large amounts and hides all signs of spring.
Just a little dripping from the ceiling!

It's nice out there in the snow but it is also great to spend time in the studio.
 If spring is absent, it's nice to make something that remind me of spring.....
 and the first lovely flowers. 

Tussilago in Swedish and coltsfoot in English!
One of my favorites!

I sewed the blocks together and this is the result so far!

A small quilt in bright yellow, orange and blue to purple low valume fabrics.
It measures about 30x30 inches.

As usualI I have been working freely and built my quilt from a simple sketch.
My idea to continue this project is to keep working with different stitches
all over the surface to bring something more exciting to the design.

How it will look like is not clear, but I'm working on it!

Something like this? I said ...I'm working on it! be continued!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Margreth! I hope that spring comes soon outside, inside it seems to be already! I'm always so happy to find a post from you because I know I shall see something inspiring! I love this small quilt with fantastic colours combination! Have fun with improvising stitching! x Teje
    PS. have you noticed that my address has changed:

  2. Härligt att se vårens första tussilago
    Men just nu snöar det här i Odensala.
    Louise D

  3. Wow!!! It will be amazing! Such pretty colors!

  4. Hello Margreth, I love your choice of vibrant colours. We have coltsfoot here too and it comes first in spring and I love them too. You are so creative. Happy Stitching from Ottawa, Canada.

  5. Lovely, so happy and cheerful!
    ; )