Thursday, March 17, 2016

Climb a mountain!

I want to show you how amazing beautiful it is in the Swedish mountains.
 Last week I went with my siblings on skis four days in the mountains.

One of our goals was to climb a mountain called Sylarna in Jämtland.

We had an unbelievable luck with the weather, sun from a clear blue sky and no wind.

 The conditions were fantastic.

So..just go for it!
We first went on skis as far as possible and then changed  to crampons
 to climb the last part.

 It was very exciting and fun!

The reward for all the hard work was breathtaking! 

Outdoor experiences is unbeatable and I have great memories
 from our tour together.

Thank you all siblings and Lajjen for a nice mountain hike!

And now....filled with energi....

..time in the studio to make some quilts!



  1. Fina bilder och såå härligt att jag känner hur det en gång i tiden var att åka till fjälls och njuta sol och skidåkning.
    Louise D

  2. Vilken fantastisk tur till Sylarna vi hade!! Otroligt fint! Längtar redan till nästa tur! 🎿🎿

  3. Your creative quilting is inspiring. Thank you for sharing!