Friday, January 8, 2016

A new project

I told you in my last post that I've got an idea...a new quilt! 

Those of you who followed me over the years know that I have a special relationship with Coltsfoot (Tussilago). Do you remember these quilts?


Baskets - with Tussilago!

Red cotteges - with Tussilago!!

... and these spring flowers have appeared on several quilts now and then!

Detail from Red cottages this new projekt!

I started up with a simple sketch. Thinking about colors..yellow of course...but how
 about the background?

I'm not the one who plan too much .... I'm restless and want to try how the pattern
 and design will turn out. Can it be sewn? Some templates need to be made.
 What fabrics will be fine? Lucky me to have a huge collection of fabrics!

This is my first block coming up......

....and a finished block.

I sewed a few blocks and started to put them up on my design wall.

 It's a start but I have some ideas to improve the design.

 Right now it is too flat and boring for my taste.
...tomorrow I try my ideas...... be continued!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Margreth! I know this is going to be something extra ordinary! I love the red cottages! all that design and colours are so perfect! What is Tussilago? Thank you again for very inspiring post! x Teje
    ps. my new address is

    1. Thanks Teje!
      Tussilago or Coltsfoot in english is the first little flower showing up in spring here in sweden.

  2. Så spännande att få ser Dina tussilogo "förflytta sig" från skissblocket till små block som "växer fram", tycker jag.


    1. Skissen är enkel, egentligen bara ideen. Sen sätter jag igång och bygger quilten. Ett kul sätt att jobba tycker jag.

  3. Cute flowers! Can't wait to see what becomes of your new project! :)

  4. My goodness, Margreth, what a gorgeous set of quilts! I love the happy colours and shapes. And the next one is looking promising too!

  5. As always...I'm getting happy visiting you!!!! Love IT!

  6. Så himla fina!! Jag blir också glad av att se dem! Kram Net