Monday, March 26, 2012

Lovely Sunday!

What a lovely sunny spring day! It happens a lot of things both outdoor and in the conservatory.
Fig tree leaves burst and tiny figs grow .... wonderful!

I sat in my comfortable lounge chair in the sun and quilted on my Kaffee Fasset quilt.
The light is fantastic and then it's easy to make the stitching.
 It's sort of a meditative feeling to let the needle and thread do the work.
A great feeling to bring along!

Happy Quilting!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Last stitch

Now, the last stitch is done ​​and the project finished. It feels so great :o)
It's been a long process from the idea that showed up last summer when I had a boring night.
 Suddenly  the idea of ​​models came up and I began to sketch on the nearest paper.

 In what poses are a model most often in anyway?

 Off to the nearest store and buy a fashion magazine to study the fashion world closer.
 Fashion has been a blank page for me.  To study the pages on the Internet was also good.
aha knowledge doesn't hurt!  I was thinking about colors and went through the piles of fabric .... picked, concidered. Then it was time to start drawing a workable pattern of different models and sew examples to see if the idea was feasible ..... and it was.:o)
Then there appeared ideas as the project was in progress. Print, paint and apply.
It turned out that my square long-legged models needed a contrast ...... so I made ​​the curvy models like shadows ....

Here's Cat Walk!

The quilt measures 40x51 inches.



Summer turned into fall and winter...and when spring is knocking on the door Cat Walk  decorates our conservatorie and daffodils peeps out in my pots.

Happy Quilting!

Sometimes it's good to be bored!