Monday, November 19, 2012


Check out the cool chairs!

 Twenty artists have decorated the famous chair Ant by Arne Jacobsen. 
For me who like chairs, it's really a fun creative ide.
You can read about the project and loook at the fabulous chairs at

Well, how is it going with my "designer" chairs then?
 Very slooooow!
A few chairs are stitched but I have very brief moments to be in the studio.
 But ..... you have to be happy for the little sometimes :) 
So be patient .... the quilt will surely be ready.

Happy Quilting!

Sunday, November 4, 2012

Four days!

I looked forward to four days off with a lovely time in the studio
 but a lot of other things showed up instead. 
Cleaning the house ... surprising what a lot of dust to be found! Family to be cared for ... exercise .. .and the our daughter came home to cuddle....and..and..

Well, in other words... it has been great!

Late on Sunday afternoon I had a session in the studio. 
I ironed my dyed fabrics and sewed a chair. 
But the result was not so good .. bad flow :(

...but my fabrics are ok! :)

                      Soo..I had to do something else .... up with a lot of interior design magazines.

 I began to study different models of chairs instead. 
What amazing... sometimes completely unreal models there are!

Very fun and a lot of inspiration!

I make a fresh effort in the studio another day!

Happy Quilting!