Sunday, September 19, 2010

I give up!

I red in the paper that fall is here since three weeks!!! Ok...I give up and unwillingly put my socks on and my sandals in the wardrobe ... that I don't like!'s time to realize that fall is here! I just need time to get in the mood!!

 My lavender, lemon tree and oliv tree make summer last a little bit. And quilt made of french fabrics completes the picture. I feel it....just a little more summer! fig tree have three fruits..I wonder if they have time to finish?

Well.... I admit.....FALL  IS beautiful. I like the cold, bright air, the colors and dark evenings with lighting candles all over the place. IT'S OK!


  1. Fall is the greatest time for quilts. They are the perfect weight to keep the fall briskness away.

  2. I really like your beautiful quilt in sunny colors.
    Fall is a good season for using a favorite quilt, have some tea, light candles and maybe enjoy a book. If you can take time away from the sewing machine, that is...
    ; )

  3. Don´t give up! Look forward and something wonderful is here: Christmas, with lots of fun. Decorating,good food and perhaps some nice gifts you didn´t know was just for you!
    Louise D

  4. fint inlägg, fina bilder! Jag vill passa på att tipsa dig om Mia Skäringers nya blogg också!

  5. Hello,
    har presis pratat med min kusin i Östersund i 2 tim. (Skype är en bra grej), kom att tänka på dig så jag kikade in och beundrar dina alster. Min moster är från Järpen och bodde i Ås många år. Efternamn Hellgren
    Ha det gott