Sunday, April 3, 2011

A princess quilt

Every finished quilt makes me happy!

 I started this one last summer during the Royal wedding when Victoria married Daniel.
Yes... I looked and was inspired to stitch some crowns.
I choosed  a warm color palette and added blue crowns and stripes to cool the impression

I quilted it today in wild circles all over the surface with orange thread....
It isn't easy to choose how to quilt. It requires a lot of planning and....a lot of patience.
.... and hopefully..... no one will hear when things go bad. :(

My mother and father visited us on saturday bringing a lovely,
lovely bouquet of flowers.
It matches my quilt Red cottages so nice!

Happy again! :)

.... at full speed....... running..and sewing.....:)


  1. Wow! Du är ju bara helt otrolig! Vilken glad quilt!

  2. Oj oj... Helt underbar ....:0)

  3. For et deilig lappverk! Til å bli glad av:)
    Takk for inspirasjon!