Monday, December 2, 2013

What I found!

Amid all the fuss before advent ..... I took a minute in the studio....
Well it is easy to get caught up in something more interesting than cleaning!
First of all......I feel good in the studio among my quilts and stuff!

.....and this is what caught my attention ... 

......a jar where I collect old sewing accessories.

Lovely...isn't it?

 I got this little cute case from  a good quilt friend.
 Louise D, who I've had so much fun with :)
 In the case there are delicious little spools of thread in amazing colors.
I like :)

This is a smart thing!
I can see, in my fantasy, a fine lady sitting in the garden with an embroidery.
 Dressed i white and the sun shining. In her basket is this smart case.

 Scissors and thimble so nicely and cleverly packed. 

This is dear things to save for.............?

Happy Quilting!


  1. These are beautiful items "tresures"

  2. I also feel very comfortable in my sewing space. sometimes I go and sit in my sewing chair and think of what I want to work on next.. kind of like sitting in a flower garden taking in all the beautiful colors. I love your vintage sewing goodies.

  3. The brown leather case is so lovely! I love it! What wonderful treasures indeed!

  4. Hi Margareth! I missed this post - what a clever thing and that BOX is a treasure! It 's anjoy just to see and hold! x Teje PS. Great photo of you!