Monday, January 6, 2014

A baby...

A new year and new projects!

 Just before Christmas  a gift appeared in my mailbox.
 What a pleasant surprise! It was  Quiltemagasinet from Norway.
Last fall I was contacted by Quiltemagasinets editor, Bente Vold Klausen who asked if she could write an article about me and my work to create quilts. 
 What do you say? ..... An honor of course. 
The magazine is Norwegian and a great mix of articles, patterns and inspiring pictures.
You can read and look at instructive pictures how to work
with various techniques.

Please check out the magazine if you haven't done it before!

A cup of coffee, my last gingerbread and a quilt journal.....that makes my day!

Enough .... time to get some work done in the studio!

The stork has arrived with a little girl !
 My brother's daughter has given birth to her third child ... congratulations !
 Well.. I go right ahead and sew a small quilt!
It's so fun, I do it with great joy!

I decided to sew ......hmmm..what is it called in english?.. this time.
The colors are a little like the milk and blueberries way.

The top is finished!

...some decoration...

.......and as usually....when I finally is creative and full of desire to sew ... 
...then it's time to start working again!

 But now I'm rested..long sleepy mornings... and the light is coming back ... yes, I 'm sure !

Happy Quilting!


  1. Congratulations what a great New Year you are having xxx

  2. Very pretty quilt! Congratulations on the new baby in the family.

  3. Ja, det är bara att gratulera Dig!
    Jag är prenumerant på tidningen och har läst och sett reportaget.
    Precis som Du berättar i tidningen, tycker jag att det är så viktigt att vi "för våra kunskaper vidare" till yngre generationer.


  4. Congratulations! What great news and joy for the New year xx

  5. Gott Nytt År! Grattis till både reportaget och det nya lilla barnet! Det betyder att du nu är en riktig gammalfaster! :)
    Vilken skön quilt! Jag blir riktigt blåbärssugen av den!

  6. Åååhhhhh...helt underbar kvilt!!!! Och grattis till reportaget!!!! Kram!!