Monday, February 27, 2017

Bodils quilt

Bodils quilt is finished and posted! I hope she like it! Bodil is my brothers 
grandchild and Johan and Majas doughter. 

This is how the quilt turned out a wisper of Spring.

I  have chosen warm colors and to accentuate the pattern by embroider. 
And I could'nt help myself sewing a small patch on the quilt.
 My signature!!!

I quilted by mashine and made small hearts in line.
Here you can see the embroidery, cross stitch and back stitch.

The back is very intensive, an explosion in red and orange. And of course the obligatory
 label with Bodils name and date of birth.

 A warm congratulations to Johan, Maja and sister Astrid.

Happy Quilting!