Monday, June 27, 2011

.......something old

Hi's a while since my last post. There has been an intense time with lots of exciting inspirational experiences. First of all.....summer holiday...jippi! Then a travel to France with my husband.
The beutiful Provance with all it can offer.......I tell you more about that later.
Now.....  I'll tell you two charming stories about old quilts that I have in my possession.

This is the first one....

In 1994 I and my family visited an auction in Mariebol, Uppland. It was held in an old farm where the whole household goods were sold. There was a lot of wonderful old stuff for sale and the most old swedish log cabin quilt.
I just had to have it...and there was one more woman thinking the same. I won...I paid 350 kr, about $ 42

A treasure in my world!


When I hold the quilt and saw all the efforts spent on creating this quilt, I wondered.... who made this quilt?

I walked around and eventually found a relative of the farms owner Sigurd Boman. I met Rut Frisk and she could tell the story of the quilt.

Rut had a sister named Kristina Boman who was unmarried and lived on the farm with her brother Sigurd.The farm is derived from the 1700's and the family had always lived here.

Ruth remembered two quilts that Kristina sewed. One with a red border and the other with a blue one.
She said that Kristina was the most active to sew between 1910 and 1920. She recalled that this quilt was sewn  in the 20's.

           Look at the lovely fabrics worn by time and light.
              I wonder where she found all fabrics?

The swedish quilts had a thick batting because it needed to be warm. We live in a cold country you know!
It must have been hard to quilt!
And look at this backing! 
Charming with the rough cloth and the clumsy stitches!

Isn't lovely?
The adorable knots and stitches!

Follow part two in my next post!



  1. These quilts are beautiful! I sometimes wonder why it is that I am so obsessed with my stitching being perfect, when the thing that attracts me most to vintage quilts is the 'imperfections' that let you know it's handmade. I guess its something to ponder on! Thanks so much for sharing!

  2. Fantastisk vakkre quilt. Du er heldig som har så flotte quilt i samlingen :o)
    Ønsker deg en riktig fin lørdag!