Sunday, January 22, 2012

New Wave!

What a thrill ..... Today I stood face to face with a moose! My husband and I took a ski trip during the day. It was misty and heavy snow. In a downhill run when I stood crouched, I looked up and there it was ... 20-25m in front of me. It stood quite still, and I stopped quickly and backed off. Seriously .. I was scared .. backed off, hoping that my husband would show up quickly. The moose stood still ... stared at me ... and I soon understood why ..... it was waiting for her calf, which slowly came lumbering.
Eventually they  calmly went away and my heart stoped banging.  My husband who came up also saw king of the forest in all its glory ...... and then .... so bravely sent his wife first in the groove!

But......why didn't I have my camera?'s much more peaceful in my studio. Today I sewed shadows of curvy models behind my fashion models. It' some details missing but I think it will be great when it is finished....I hope!
And then.....

I could't resist to start up my New Wave quilt. What a fun and easy pattern!

I chosed a gray fabric to sew the pieces together with ... it makes  a pretty nice contrast, I think...

This is just a beginning of a quilt that is not very well planned ...... we'll see how big it gets.

These are some little boxes that I got from my son ... he probably thought I needed something to put all the little stuff that I save ... cute isn't they?

Happy Quilting!


  1. En älg! Wow! Stoppa kameran i fickan nästa skidtur! Vad spännande det ska bli att få se resultaten av dina nya projekt.

  2. Lekkert og fargerikt. En herlig dame :-)