Sunday, January 15, 2012

..looking ahead!

Did you notice that days are longer and the sun rises over the horizon and shines longer and longer every day? Happiness...:)
Yesterday I had a lovely day skiing. I felt energi flowing.... we here in the north neeeeed the sun after several months of darkness.

With sun and light comes inspiration and creativity. I can do this and that.......
 Actually it has been very little time in the studio...... but you can think and plan for old and new projects.

Still...........I've made some progress with Catwalk .....
I have printed a few words with textile paint and drawing some curvy models that I plan to quilt next to my jagged blocks of models.
 It feels good to have a contrast between the soft and angular shapes. I have also designed  possible quilt patterns .... hmmmmm
I try to find something that fits and enhances the quilts expression.

.....enough of thinking.....

Hey.....look at this!
I was surfing looking for fabrics and found this at  Cotton Patch .....on sale!!!

33 fat quarters..... lovely fabrics!!!!

Amy Butlers Midwest Modern range, Passion,Tangerine, Blossom and Spring
Wow.....I must get started with a new projekt........:)

Lucky me!

Happy Quilting!

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  1. Oh, beautiful shot of the ski tracks. I can't wait to get back on skis but it might not happen this winter. Love the fabrics - waves would be great!