Thursday, July 4, 2013

I'm back!

There has been a long time since my last post.
The reason is that I lost my mother in may.
 I miss her a lot every day...thoughts and memories.
 I have so many things to thank her for.
 One thing.....
 It's my mother's doing that I have become a good craftsman.
She's the one who inspired and thought me how and we shared the great joy that it brings to create something unique.


Well after a while life goes on......even though you don't believe it. 
I had promised to participate in an exhibition in  Kaxås, Offerdal. Offerdal is where I grew up.

This is where Lisbeth Genstrand runs a shop with interior
 and clothes on their family farm.
A lovely place!

Atelje Lisbeth

You are greeted by a stunning view over the countryside
 a Welcome billowing in the wind ... know you found the right place.

 Jämtkviltens local group West has combined their quilts for an exhibition and
I was invited to show some of my quilts.

Here are some of their great work!

My ambition was to at least show you one new quilt
 but it was not finished....... so it became golden oldies being exhibited.

That's life!

Look at this!

Lisbeth and my Red Cottages in the bakgroud.

In one room hangs Cat Walk and Coltsfoot.

 It is a little short on space in the house 
so the stairwell may also be used for exhibition space.

Well... if you are passing by....
please check Atelje Lisbeth and revel in lots of quilts and great stuff to buy in the shop. 

The exhibition runs until Sunday July 7 at 12.00-15.00

Happy Quilting!


  1. I am so sorry for the loss of your Mother. May time ease your hurts and sorrow and may your memories allways be near and ever pleasant. When in clouds of despair look into your heart and soul and know that she is ever near. Then look into the mirror and see the part of her that is standing right their....

  2. Vad mycket fint! Känner med dig att du mist din mamma. Jag förlorade min för snart 11 år sen och saknar henne varje dag. Kram

  3. Först en stor kram till dig...KRAM!!!
    Sen ...så tack för att du visade lite från denna utställning ..hade gärna sett den...var ju nere i Östersund midsommar... Så det var ju lite dålig tajming!! Glad sommar!!

  4. Margreth, I am sorry for the loss of your mother and now your father. So soon! Your loss must feel so heavy right now, I just can't imagine. I lost my mother almost a year ago and I miss her every day. Hugs from California.