Friday, July 19, 2013

Summer days

We have had some beautiful days in our summer paradise, Öregrund.
An old house my grandparents bought almost 80 years ago and it was build in the early 1920.
 Most of the old things are left from my grandparents and cared for by the family.

The kitchen is so charming with its fireplace and beautiful windows. My mother and I stitched the curtains many years ago.

In the garden a sea of ​​lavender blossoms ....
 and smells so wonderful.

Much of our time has passed in the garden ... beat the meadow...weeding...
 But also time to eat delicious food at home and at the restaurant in the harbor.

 what's a vacation without spending a little time to sew?

So of course I had packed fabric and embroidery thread to start a new project ... again!

I A while ago I bought a mini bike made ​​from
 tin cans. The small size made it possible to photo at different angles and positions given to embroider bikes on a quilt.
 I got the idea when I saw a program on television about how to compete on a bicycle in an obstacle course.

 We'll see how the project develops :)

Now I have a lot going on ... that will be many hours in the studio :) 

Happy Quilting!


  1. Hi Margreth! That lovely house reminds me our summer place in Finland with the old house of my grandfather. What a funny bike! x Teje

  2. Hej! Skrållade ner och såg fönster lampan och gardinerna och sedan den röda stugväggen och då slog det mig att du måste ju vara svensk förstås. :D Kul att hitta en quiltgalen svenska. Surfar vidare här. Ha en superduper bra dag. Och tack föra tt du tittade in hos mig och lämnade ditt söta meddelnade.
    My Rose Valley