Sunday, February 16, 2014

A glimpse of..

The weekend has been full of different things. 
Skiing in the snow storm to train a little extra before TjejVasan in Mora next weekend.
 It was an uphill battle, I say. :)
The snow is melting and it's far too early if you are a skier.

 There have been a few hours in the studio too. 
Now that Elizes quilt is finished it's time to continue with my curvy, lush ladies.

Here's how it looks when the shape of the woman is cut
 and marks made to match when sewing together.
 Not so easy but it works! 
One of the pictures shows when the neck comes into place.

I have painted some fabric pieces that work 
very well with other fabrics ... they do the trick.

There is still much to sew ..... some women ...... backgrounds .... decorations etc..'s so very exciting and fun to see how 
the quilt is emerging bit by bit.

Well....this was a glimpse from my weekend and
progress in the studio.

See you!


  1. Hi Margreth! Looks so exciting and very creative! You have always beautiful and unique ideas! I know that this is going to be something Special! x Teje

  2. Hej Margreth, du är så påhittig! Har du eller ska du ställa ut med Barbro Ager? Jag träffade henne på spelmansstämman i Bingsjö i somras och hon berättade det, men jag kommer inte ihåg var eller när. Barbro har bott i Roslagen förut.

  3. Sååå läckert!!! Njut av underbara dagar i din studio...längtar tills du har hunnit lite mer...vill se MER!!! :0))

  4. I love your colors and surface alteration. Your work is wonderful. I've followed your blog for awhile. Please stop by my new-ish blog. (My paternal grandfather and his mother were from Frösö and emigrated to Minnesota in 1902 - a typical Minnesota story. If you are interested I will send you the names of my grandfather's mother's parents, who remained with some of their children in Frösö.) Hilsen!