Sunday, March 30, 2014

Sew corner!

Last weekend I was in Stockholm visiting Vårsalongen på Liljewalchs art museum. An inspiring exhibition that showed a variety of art and expression forms. I was struck by the textile works that were represented more than I had expected. There were embroidered, crocheted, applications and paintings on fabric.

The most impressive work of art was.....! 

''My previous sewing corner''

I could hardly believe my eyes when I discovered that everything ... absolutely everything was covered with embroidery. 
Chair, table, sewing machine, thread roller, shoes, and even the electric plug ..... absolutely fantastic and fun!

It is also a wonderfully well-made pattern .. completely in very tiny cross stitch.

 A masterpiece in my eyes!

The artist is Ulla-Stina Wikander who is engaged in dressing  ordinary things with cross stitch embroidery .



  1. Wow, that's amazing and very unique! Thank you for showing Margreth! I'm in Finland now - sun is shining and it's beautiful here! xTeje

  2. Otroligt! Tack för titten!

  3. WOW I really like this :-)