Monday, November 10, 2014

Adventure and the Greatest gift

I've come home after three weeks of adventures in Nepal
 and trekking in the Himalaya.
What an experience!
 It's hard to describe the magnificent, breathtaking scenery and pictures only tells part of the truth. 
To experience this together with loved ones makes it even more amazing and what memories to cherish.

I've dreamed of seeing the roof of the world and there it was!
Wow..there is Mount Everest!.

We managed to climb to Mount Everest base camp, 
a great feeling, despite snow and wind that made
 the view  equal to zero.


.....and how about this?

There is so much to tell about both experiences and the rich culture but I show just a glimpse for you. you recognize the hats I knitted for us girls?
The tassels looks like tiny clouds :)

Now the greatest gift!
 We have become grandparents!
 Our first grandchild is born.
Welcome little Selma!

The most adorable little baby.

Yes of course.....I'm knitting and planning a quilt!

More about that next post!

Happy quilting!


  1. Hi Margreth! Wow, I'm happy for you! Must have been amazing experience! Congratulations also for the NEW born! I love your hats! x Teje

  2. Grattis till båda äventyren!!

  3. Tjohoo...Margreth !!!! Så glad jag blir att läsa detta... Grattis till ALLT!,, kram...:0)))

  4. Grattis till lilla Selma!!! Sååå roligt! Vilken resa ni har gjort.... Vilka fantastiska vyer! Och nu är det snart er första jul som mormor och morfar! Härligt!