Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Still here!

Hi there!

Days..weeks...months..time flies! 
But it's always time that I fill with stuff that matter to me.
So here I am..after a summer to remember. 
Many happy memories to  cherish.

 Time with family and my dearest grandchild, Selma.
A lot of time in the garden. 
Time by the sea and in the mountins.

In the mountins I met this cute one!

But how about sewing then?
No....I have never ever spent so little time sewing!
I think!!!!

So you can imagine that I'm very eager to sew
 and create something new.

Well..I have done some stichery.
 I saw a pillow in a store and figured out that it couldn't be that hard to make myself.
But has been a long journey.

A lot of fish to be done!

I sew chain stitch, tight, tight and I try to use the embroidery thread that I already have in my collection.
No buying this time! 

A fun project to be finished in a near future.

I also quilted my latest quilt...Leaves.

Made by mashine and in a circular movement and shape.

 I hope to show you the finished quilt soon!

See you around!


  1. Hi Margreth! I love your fishes! They remind me of something we made at school. Looking for to see your new quilt with leaves - looks fantastic! x Teje

  2. "Fina Fisken" brukar man säga men här är det fina fiskar. Kul. Spännande också med löven, har ju väntat
    Louise D