Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Finish nr 2

Finally my quilt Leaves is finished. It took a while!
It started about seven years ago!!
It was my 50 th birthday and my dear friends took me to an artist in Uppsala.
We had a weekend learning how to work with glass.

This is one of my pieces I made that weekend.

 It is this stylized leaves that inspired me to start thinking of sewing a quilt.
 It has been a long process but now my quilt finally is finished.

The Quilt measures 37x57 inches. 
 I decided not to buy any new fabrics for this project.
 My layer of fabric is large.... very large! 

Some of the fabrics are from my mum and dad's old shirts, it feels good.

Unfortunately, the images are not of the best quality. 
The light was too bad .... autumn darkness makes photography a challenge.

Well..I hope you got a decent picture of the quilt. 
It has been a fun project to implement. 
 I developed the pattern by starting from a sketch and then build the block.
 I've used one template and otherwise built blocks in a free manner.
Namely sewing, cutting, sewing!!
A way to work that I really love!

And now....scary...I have no idea for my next quilt!
But you never know when inspiration strikes. I am an optimist!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Vilka fina ideér du har och snyggt blir det också. Jag gillar din stil den moderna quiltstilen. Själv har jag en helt annan stil men det är en annan historia

  2. Vilken lugn och harmonisk quilt det blev. Tur att jag tittade in på din blogg i kväll för jag har väntat på den.I morgon bitti åker jag till Wash DC och Amandas bröllop.
    Kram från Louise D

  3. Jättefin!!! Den är bara ljuvlig! Jag känner till och med igen några tyger från Lyon:)

  4. Bara älskar den!!! Fantastisk Margreth!!! Vill oxå ha en sån!! ;0))) suck!!

  5. Otroligt fin Quilt! Du är så himla duktig!
    /kram Nettan

  6. Hello Margreth. I have come to visit you via Kviltstina as I saw this beautiful quilt on Pinterest and Stina said it was made by her friend Margreth. I am going to start following you. Your blog is full of vibrant colour and beauty. Love what I have seen so far.