Tuesday, November 16, 2010


Hi! It 's a fantastic winterday, cold and glittering snow. Me and my husband took a long walk...with the camera of course...and look at this ramshackel barn. Bending over..soon falling apart..charming and melancholy.
Is it going to manage over the winter?

Isn't it fantastic when over a houndred women with fabrics and seewingmashines meet. All because of their love for quilts. They talk... a lot, look at quilts, buy fabrics, sew and find inspiration.

I like it! :)

The quilt with circles is made by Sylvi Nilsson. A great work!

And.. what's up in the studio?
Not much!
I found out that I wasn't happy with the result of my Garden journal!
I ripped it partly and made one more block.
Now I like the size of it!

Otherwise I try to find inspiration by looking in books...shapes..design and colors!
And....yes I have a lot of quilting to do! :) Happy me!

                                                                                                                      Hugs! Margreth


  1. Oh no, Margreth. The quilt with circles is made by Sylvi Nilsson. Love Sylvi.

  2. Sorry Sylvi! I changed it at once. Margreth

  3. Lovely garden quilt top! And your studio is wonderful, looks like a lot of natural light flowing into it...
    ; )

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