Sunday, November 21, 2010

A day in November

I woke up early this morning, thinking...wonder if it's a day meant for sewing?
Jaasper.......hard to get up!
Looking out....:)... it's really a beautiful, foggy, freezing cold morning.
Trees are bowing covered with snow chrystals.
Definitely a day to cozy up indoors!  YES!
I mean... I have a lot of catching up to do!

Morning coffee..and off to the studio...boy.. does I suddenly feel alert!
But..first I have to check my blogg out....any coments?

Then...I hope I can finish " Let's dance" today. There is a lot of quilting to be done.
Machine quilting hasn't been a favorit of mine...I think it has been difficult to get a good result...
.....thread got stuck and the stitches became uneven...:( I kind of love it!!! I feel that I can work freely and make the surface
lively with different stitches, treads and designs. It's suddenly fun!...and I have a lot more to explore and learn. shows ...have no time!
                                                  The busy one get rewarded!
                   Typically's a bad can't see my quilting...this dark country!
                                                                 Here's a glimpse of it!

                                                                                                                               Hugs!  Margreth


  1. Let´s dance är såå läcker!! Vilka färger och vilken kreativitet! Riktig vitaminkick.

    Din studio hade jag gärna velat ha--här på ön.

    Kram från ett lite vitt Hönö--Gudrun

  2. Härligt jobbat.... superläcker blev den.. kviltningen är precis rätt!! :o)

  3. It looks great! The chairs are so fun and elegant, and they look great on the white background. Funny how quilting a top can be a bit scary...

  4. Hello~Your quilt looks great! I especially love your free-style quilting design. And the photo of the ice-covered trees is just beautiful! I am part Norwegian, would love to visit your beautiful country someday!

  5. Thanks for the nice comment - I also love your Red Cottages quilt - congratulations on the calendar! I am actually mostly Swedish, and wonder if you have doppa at Christmas? Our family has continued this tradition every year.