Sunday, May 1, 2011

No sewing!

 to new curtins....planting...and so on.

Isn't it fantastic!.......a hole week free from work and no sewing. How did it happen?
I haven't even opened the door to the studio. Remarkable! I must be crazy!

Have you been there too......all the things you have to do?

It is more than two years ago we moved in to our house and still some painting left to do around the windows. Maybe this week wasn't the best choice to stay indoors painting but it seemed like now or never! can imagine how my days have looked like by looking at the pictures.

But...but somewhere, I'm still happy with everything that have been fixed and the sewing machin stand there and wait like a faithful old friend...I'm longing!

.....and hey, I have been running nearly 50 km this week...Göteborgs varvet here I come!

Yours Margreth


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