Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Fall and....

I have spent time to make it cozy in the darkness. 
There is so  much in nature to take care of and organize in different ways.

. All the leaves are gone and now I can feel the winter and snow coming.

The garden is almost magical in the soft light.

I picked moss in the forest, leaves in the garden and onions were in the fridge ....
..... it became nicely along with heather.

 A welcome state jewelry on the door .. you will be so happy! :)

 Imagine a small tree, moss, rose hips, and a little more onion ....

The stones are absolutely gorgeous.

Indoors needed light and heat. 
I have dried slices of orange, lemon, lime and tied around the glass jars.

It is a fantastic warm beautiful light when lit.

An old cake mold with candles in hollowed-out apples in water!

Yes....there is so much you can do....just go for it!

Feel Happy! :)



  1. Härliga dekorationer!
    Kram från Louise D

  2. Hello Margreth! What lovely collages! So very autumnal. Gorgeous colours x

  3. Hej Margreth. Vilken fiffi ide att använda dom vackra rödlökarna och ljungen i en krans. Kanske jag borde göra en... Fin fint verkligen.
    My Rose Valley