Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Rikstäcket in Östersund

Rikstäckets annual meeting took place in Östersund this weekend.

 Jämtkvilten was the organizer and our guild celebrated
 the 20th anniversary with an exhibition. 

Imagine that it has been 20 years since Ann-Katrin and I called the first meeting in Ås!

It has been a fantastic  weekend with many visitors at the city's theater
 where the meeting and exhibitions was held.

The annual meeting was held in the theater and on the scene there
 was a sea of ​​pillows and quilts on the wall...

 ... it looked inviting.

....and what would a quilt meeting be without the ability to buy fabrics..
...I just wonder?

Jämtkviltens exhibition was highly appreciated and here
 are some pictures....

After a weekend meeting with  quilt friends, 
looking at amazing quilts and a lovely dinner with about 
300 excited quilters...imagine that..... I'm happy ... but tired.

 And best of all .. 
I am so inspired to sew :)

Thanks to you all lovely quilters!

Happy Quilting!


  1. Jag var också där! Det var en fantastisk helg, bästa årsmötet någonsin!

  2. Det var såååå kul att träffa dig och vilket underbart årsmöte ni hade ordnat!! KRAM