Monday, October 14, 2013

Finish nr 5

Fall is making great progress and now you can feel that winter is near.
 I made my first snowball two weeks ago when
 we were at the mountains wandering.

A lovely cloudy day!

 In the studio, it hasn't happened much since Rikstäckets annual meeting,
 but a quilt was finished just in time for the exhibition.

This is the quilt that I started to think about for more than a year ago.
 I started but threw everything away and started all over again.

 Crazy but necessary! 
I needed to take on the project from a new different angle.

 I have worked with both piecing, fabric paint and transmission of images.

 It has been very exciting.

This is  Design What? 

 I don't think my relative ( SnickarPer) Carpenter Per ever pondered the words design and shape. He thought about the function and availability of materials. Today is this worn ragged wooden chair a fond memory in great contrast to today's cool design...tomorrows antique?

Old and modern ... rag rugs and carpets in modern expression.
The rag rugs are quilted and the modern printed with fabric paint.

Quilting Design all over the quilt!

I have a special feeling for chairs :)
 and this is one of several quilts on the theme .... maybe there will be more?

Happy Quilting!


  1. I love your innovative use of all kinds of chairs, made all different ways, and your "design" quilting. Great quilt!!

  2. Hi Margreth! Amazing art quilt! I love your works and your unique ideas! Rugs and carpets are perfect! x Teje