Monday, January 2, 2017

Baby quilts

First of all..Happy New Year to all of you! 

 I wish that we will have a joyful year
 and a more peaceful world for all of us.

 The holidays are over and Christmas presents handed to my grandchildren.
 Then I can show you the baby quilts that I sewed for my last
 two grandchildren, Aksel and Anton.

And a doll to Selma!

I start with Aksels quilt today. He was born in May 2016.

 I chosed to sew a quilt with flying geese and the colors that I know that the parents like.
Blue, red and with a touch of violett.
All fabrics are carefully washed and the batting is of organic bamboo.
The quilt is mashine quilted.

The quilt measure 32x35 inches.

 On the quilt back, I embroidered Aksels name and birth date.

Here you can see some details in close-up!

I like to decorate quilts with small pieces of fabrics.
 I sew them on the quilt with embroidery yarns.
 A kind of signature on some of my quilts.

Here's the back!
...and you can see the quilting.

A quilt to my lovely Aksel!

In my next post I show you Antons quilt and Selmas doll!

Happy quilting days!


  1. Happy New Year Margreth! These are happy and beautiful quilts! x Teje

    1. Thank you Teje and a Happy New Year to you.

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